Got questions about buying or selling secondhand? We have answers. See below or contact us for more information.

That's a great question!

We think there's more than enough garments in the world to dress all of us twice over due to overproduction.

SwapUp is here to make the process of recycling clothes better, so people can easily buy and sell secondhand clothes. We want the experience to be as seamless as it would be with buying new, because really, you thrift queens and kings should not be penalised for wanting to do the planet (and your wallet) right.

In short, we want to make secondhand mainstream!

It's flat-rate $7.90 Australia-wide, no matter where you are!

We use paper mailer, secondhand cardboard boxes and compostable mailers to ship your items to you.

You can recycle the paper mailer and cardboard box, and compost the compostable mailer like the earth-loving being that you are.

When composted, these mailers break down in 3-6 months rather than 300 years with plastic! The good news is that even in landfill, these compostable mailers are still a better solution than conventional plastic mailers, in that they will take 2-3 years to break down without any toxic residues or microplastics (as they contain 0% plastic). But, similar to food scraps or any other organic waste, compostable mailers will generate methane in landfills. It is best to compost them where possible.

We too can't wait! Our development team is working hard as we speak to make it happen.

We're looking to launch the service in Spring 2021, just in time for your post-lockdown spring clean!

If you're interested in testing out the service for free and become one of our first 50 customers, please leave us a message using the Contact Us form.

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