Vinted Australia: We Might Not Have It, But There Is SwapUp!

Yes, we agree that Vinted is the place where you can discover great deals and one-of-a-kind items in second-hand and vintage clothing. Unfortunately, Vinted is not available in Australia, but SwapUp is quickly becoming the nation's biggest online thrift store!

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Does Vinted Ship to Australia?

Vinted does not provide shipping services to Australia; they only offer delivery to countries in Europe. Vinted's offices are located in Vilnius, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, and Utrecht, which allows them to do business in 16 countries, including Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, the UK, Italy, Portugal, the USA, and Canada.

Australian Version of Vinted

If you're in search of a marketplace that sells second-hand items, you might want to consider SwapUP. SwapUP is an online second-hand store situated in Sydney, Australia. Our thrift and consignment shop offers a fashionable and up-to-date assortment of women's clothing, curated from the wardrobes of Australians.

Comparing Vinted and SwapUp: A Look at Two Popular Online Second Hand Store

This article will assist you in determining which platform is the best fit for you to make extra money through the purchase and sale of pre-owned clothing: Vinted or SwapUp. As these two popular sites have distinct methods of operation, this comparison will give you an idea of which one is the most suitable for you.

Inventory: What Is Allowed To Be Sold?

Vinted: Vinted allows you to sell second hand clothing & accessories for women, men, or children. Besides, you can also sell homeware, entertainment, and pet care items. Items are sent directly from buyers to sellers, so Vinted is not responsible for quality check.

SwapUp: SwapUp takes in second hand women's clothing and handbags, as well as children's apparel from a variety of brands (see the list of non-acceptable items here) provided that the item still has its original label and size tag.

SwapUp has a strict no damage, no stain, no odor, no fur policy. So sellers have to make sure to wash your items before sending them off. Every item at SwapUp is checked to guarantee both quality and variety.

Selling Procedure: How It Works?

Vinted: To sell an item online, you need to take a picture using the app then provide a description of the product, determine its price, choose your shipping options, and create a listing. Once you have completed these steps, your item will be ready for sale on vinted website. 

SwapUp: At SwapUp you can purchase a SwapUp Kit & send your items to SwapUp. Once your SwapUp Kit arrives at our facility, they will do all the hard work of sorting, listing, taking professional photography, and uploading to the website.

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Commission: How Much You Get Paid

Vinted: You don't have to pay any charges for adding your items or vending them on Vinted. As a result, once your transaction is completed successfully, you will receive the entire selling amount directly to your Vinted Balance.

SwapUp: Up to 60%, depending on the selling price. You earn less but you also don’t have to do any of the tasks required when you sell with Vinted, such as taking photos, pricing, describing, responding to questions, marketing, shipping items to buyers, etc.

Payment: When & How Do Sellers Get Paid?

Vinted: As the seller, you will get the payment credited to your Vinted Balance within 48 hours of the order being finalized.

SwapUp: 14 days after your consignment item is sold to cover the return period. Your SwapUp balance does not expire — you can always use it to cash out or shop! You can also get a 20% bonus when you use your credit to shop (this will be credited back to your account after you shop).

Return Policies: If Buyer Want to Return The Items

Vinted: You can request a refund for the item only if the seller agrees, in the case that it doesn't fit or you're not satisfied with it. Failure to notify the seller within 2 days will result in the automatic release of payment to the seller, and Vinted will not be able to process any refunds.

SwapUp: Buyers return items at their own cost within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery for store credit.

the difference between vinted and swapup

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Why Buy & Sell Secondhand in Australia?

What a fantastic question! 

Let us respond with another interesting fact: did you know that Australia purchases 1.4 billion clothing items annually, and the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of human-generated emissions? It's high time we switch from the traditional linear model to a circular one, and SwapUp's goal is to make it easier for people to buy and sell secondhand goods. 

SwapUp has created a well-managed marketplace that handles everything for you, including professional inspection and photography of each item to ensure that you receive high-quality secondhand goods that match your style. We encourage you to consider buying secondhand, whether from us or any other platform, to help make it more mainstream.

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