ThredUP Australia: We Might Not Have It, But There Is SwapUp!

I know, I know. 

ThredUP is the holy grail of thrifting. They offer millions of second hand clothes for you to find. Unfortunately, ThredUP does not exist in Australia, although hey, we have SwapUp, who's also on the way to become the country's largest thrift store!

So yes, to answer your question, there are thrift stores in Australia, too. A lot of times, thrift stores / charity shops / second hand stores are called "op shops" here.

This post will help you decide which platform is best for you to make extra money by buying and selling your second hand clothes: ThredUP or SwapUp. These two popular sites have different ways of operating, so this comparison will provide insight into which one is right for you.

Inventory: What Is Allowed To Be Sold?

ThredUP: ThredUP will take second hand women's and kids' apparel as long as it has a size label. This includes dresses, coats, exercise clothing, and knapsacks from a long list of brands.

SwapUp:  SwapUp accept second hand women clothes and handbags, as well as kids clothes from most brands (see non-accepted list here) as long as the item has its original label and size tag.

SwapUp have a strict no damage, no stain, no odour, no fur policy. So seller have to make sure to wash your items before sending them off. Every item at SwapUp are checked to guarantee both quality and variety.

Listing Duration: What happens After You Sent Items

ThredUP: ThredUP tends to take months to list items due to the sheer volume of items they receive. Once processed, your items may stay on the thredUP platform for a period of between 60 and 90 days, depending on the brand.

SwapUp: SwapUp lists items within 28 days of arrival. We keep your items for 120 days on the site. 

Commission: How Much You Get Paid

ThredUP: Up to 80% of the selling price.

SwapUp: Up to 60% of the selling price.

Payment: When & How Do Sellers Get Paid?

ThredUP: 14 days after an item is marked as delivered since customers have a 14-day period to return it. The earnings stay in the account for a period of 12 months. After that, they are exchanged for an e-gift card that can be used on ThredUP.

SwapUp: Also 14 days after your consignment item is sold to cover return period. Unlike ThredUP, your SwapUp balance does not expire — you can always use it to cash out or shop! You can also get a 20% bonus when you use your credit to shop (this will be credited back to your account after you shop).

Reclaiming Unsold Items

ThredUP: It is essential to monitor when the items are due to expire and to reclaim them within the 7-day period before they reach their expiration date. If the items have expired, they become the property of ThredUP and cannot be reclaimed.

SwapUp: After the consignment period lapsed, sellers will have an additional 14 days to reclaim their item. If seller did not reclaim item within the timeframe, the item becomes the property of SwapUp. They may be donated to local charities which directly send them to people in need or sold through other channels to recoup the costs.

Return Policies: If Buyer Want to Return The Items

ThredUPCustomers have 14 days from the time of delivery to request a return, unless the item was marked as a final sale. Buyers are charged restock fee for each returned item.

SwapUp: Buyers return items at their own cost within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery for store credit. 

ThredUP Australia

Why shop second hand clothes & handbags with SwapUp in Australia?

Here's three reasons why you should try to shop second hand online from SwapUp:

1. Thrift for everyone

Our online thrift store makes it so convenient to buy and sell second hand clothes from wherever you are!

Buyers can wave goodbye to arranging pick ups, paying multiple shipping fees, negotiating price, scrolling through blurry photos and incomplete listings at marketplaces. The list goes on an on.

Sellers have it even better — they don't even need to lift a finger to sell their clothes! Simply order a SwapUp Kit and send your like-new clothes to us. We'll do all the hard work of listing, photographing, picking, packing and shipping your clothes within our efficient facility. You'll earn up to 80% of the selling price and can choose to donate, cash out or shop with your earnings!

2. Fight fashion waste

I hate to break the news that 85% of clothes donated to op shops are not sold. Instead, they're shipped to developing countries or straight up to landfills. The reason is because op shops operations are not designed to handle such large volume of clothing. They also rely on volunteers, so it's difficult to scale up. 

With SwapUp, you can keep fashion in the loop for longer, reducing carbon emissions across the supply chain by a whopping 66%! We're committed to making secondhand mainstream by making it so convenient to buy and sell secondhand clothing, you can't resist it. Isn't it time we empower people to do the right thing?

3. Find your style

How annoying is it to wear an amazing outfit, only to find out somebody else wearing the exact same thing on the street?! 

Buying secondhand clothes from thrift stores online or near you allow you to find your own style that's not necessarily dictated by current fashion trends. Plus, you get to experiment without spending too much money. That's why our tag line is an online thrift store that your wallet and our planet love 🌱 

What about you? What's your top reason for shopping with our thrift store online?

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