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Look out for our emails in your inbox. We usually notify you a few days before a SwapUp Kit release.

If it lands on junk (ouch!) please move it to your inbox and reply with "Hi!" so it doesn't get filtered out next time 💜

In the meantime, check out the FAQs below or go back to homepage and browse some goodies and get an idea of what we're looking for :)

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What do I need to do now?

Nothing! We've got you on the waitlist and let you know when we release more SwapUp Kits 💜

We reallyyy wish we could take all the clothes in the world, but our small team and warehouse can only handle so much. That's why we've been staggering our intake. Thank you for your patience!

What is included in a SwapUp Kit?

• Prepaid shipping with Australia Post (up to 10 kg) from anywhere in Australia

• $100 insurance in the form of store credit in the case of lost packages. 

How much can I send?

You can send up to 10 kg of clothes and handbags per SwapUp Kit. We highly recommend that you reuse an existing packaging.

The packaging's sum of length, width and height should be less than 120 cm. This is enough for about 25 summer clothes or 10 handbags.

⭐️ Pro tip: If you can carry it by yourself, it's likely going to be fine!

Accepted items

SwapUp accepts women's clothing and handbags from most non-fast fashion Australian brands. All items need to have their original brand and size tag (the ones on the clothes — not the swing tag).

We can't say how fast an item would sell, but handbags and dresses that are in-season and from popular brands tend to sell faster.

We highly recommend that you sell items following the season i.e. send us summer clothes in July to February, and winter clothes in March to June.

All items must meet our quality standards to be accepted:

No damage

• All items need to have their original labels and sizing tags intact

• Clothing and bags should not have rips, tears, shrinkage or pilling. Items which have been altered, through fair usage or otherwise, will not be accepted

No stain

• Clothing and handbags should not be stained, dirty, faded, stretched or blemished

No odour

• All clothes must be freshly laundered

• All clothes and handbags must be free of odour, pet fur and other allergens

• Handbags must be cleaned before being sent to us

Please review the list below to see which categories SwapUp is currently listing for women and kids:

• Handbags

• Dresses

• Tops

• Pants

• Bodysuits

• Sweaters

• Skirts

• Shorts

• Jeans

• Coats

• Jackets

• Vests

• Activewear

• Swimwear

• Maternity Clothing

• Plus-Size Clothing

• Belts

• Hats

• Scarves

• Wallets

All items received become property of SwapUp. SwapUp will decide whether items are accepted and the price at which the items will be listed. These are at the sole discretion of SwapUp, final and non-negotiable. By creating an account on the SwapUp website, customers will be able to see all the items which have been accepted for listing on the website.

Unaccepted items

SwapUp do not accept items that are in poor condition, dirty, smelly, without label or not branded. Items with pet hair on are also a big no-no!

Please note that we are unable to offer feedback on why we reject a specific item, as we receive / process quite a large volume of items per day.

We do not list the following categories:

• Non-clothing items: toys, books, electronics, etc

• Baby and men’s clothing

• Kids clothing (starting 1 May 2023)

• Shoes

• Jewellery

• Underwear, pyjamas, and lingerie

• Gowns and wedding dresses

• Homemade and altered items

• Work uniforms

• Robes

• Slippers

• Counterfeit items

• Items obtained illegally, including ones containing tracker/sensors

• Items that contain content that is deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly audience

• Clothing with reference to teams and places that do not have a broad audience across Australia, including local team jerseys, school uniforms.

Unaccepted items will not be sold in our online store and therefore are not eligible for payouts. We may choose to donate, recycle, or bulk sale at our discretion.

Unaccepted brands

We do not accept brands from fast fashion and value chain stores including, but not limited to:

• Aldi (Crane, Dymples, etc.)

• Ally

• Angel Biba

• Autograph

• Avocado

• Best & Less (Edited, Favourites, etc.)

• Big W (&me, Brilliant Basics, Emerson, The 1964 Denim Company, etc.)

• Boohoo

• Chicabooti

• Colette by Colette Hayman

• Cotton On

• Crossroads

• Dorothy Perkins

• Dotti

• Edited

• Everlast

• Factorie

• Fashion Nova

• Forever 21

• Glassons

• Harris Scarfe

• H&M

• Ice Fashion

• Jay Jays

• Katies

• Kmart (Anko, Clothing&Co, Active&Co, Now, etc.)

• Ladakh

• Lonsdale

• Millers

• Miss Shop

• Misunderstood

• Next

• Paper Scissors

• Primark

• Rivers

• Seduce


• Shein

• Sunnygirl

• Supre

• Suzanne Grae

• Target (Hot Options, Target Essentials, Danii Minogue, etc.)


• Uniqlo

• Valleygirl and Miss Valley

Unaccepted items will not be sold in our online store and therefore are not eligible for payouts. We may choose to donate, recycle, or bulk sale at our discretion.

Please note that this list may be expanded at any time without notice.

How do I track my SwapUp Kit?

You can track your SwapUp Kit using your Australia Post tracking number here.

Please feel free to obtain a lodgement receipt for your own record when you drop off your SwapUp Kit at an Australia Post retail outlet.

We aim to upload any accepted items within 28 days of arrival at our facility. You'll receive an email when we've put them up.

What happens after I send in my clothes to SwapUp?

We will list your items within 28 days of arrival at our facility. You'll receive an email when we've put them up.

The initial listing price for consigned items will be determined by SwapUp with absolute and sole discretion. SwapUp may decide to adjust the listing price over time to increase its chance of being sold.

Any item under consignment that is not sold within the consignment period of 120 days becomes a property of SwapUp.

Please note that we do not offer to return to sellers any unaccepted items, and accepted / consigned items during the consignment period.

When will my items be uploaded to the site?

We aim to process SwapUp Kits within 28 days of arrival at our facility, but we're seeing more demand than usual so the wait time may be longer. Thank you for your patience :)

How much will I earn?

Check out this page for the latest payout structure and policy.

You can earn up to 60% of the selling price. The amount that SwapUp keeps helps us pay our staff (unlike op shops, we're not run by volunteers!) and covers the costs of:

• Sorting & inspection services

• Professional photography services

• Listing and marketing fees

• Storage fees for accepted clothing items

• Pick-and-pack services upon the sale of your clothes.

Unfortunately, a $10 item requires the same level of efforts as a $50 item for us. That's why you'll earn less on lower value items, but much more on higher value ones.

Your earnings will appear on the Dashboard approximately 14 days after your consignment item is sold. 

⭐️ Pro tip: Remember, higher value items mean better payout for you! So it's totally worthwhile to invest in quality items that are locally and ethically made 💜

What can I do with my earnings?

You can choose to do one of the following from the Balance menu in account:


You can use your earnings to shop directly from SwapUp with a 20% bonus - this will be credited back to your account after you shop. Simply log in to your account and toggle on the option to use your credit when you check out. Circular economy, baby! 😉

Cash out

You can cash out your earnings to your nominated bank account. We require a minimum of $5 in requested amount to process. We process your cash out requests every Monday. See the complete explanation here.

What happens to the unsold items?

After the consignment period lapsed, you will have an additional 14 days to reclaim your item. We charge a handling fee of $5 per retrieved item plus variable shipping cost (including 1% cover value).

If you do not reclaim your item with the timeframe, the item becomes the property of SwapUp. We may choose to donate unsold items to local charities such as ClothesLine and Fitted For Work who directly send them to people in need or sell them through other channels to recoup the costs.

Why should I sell my clothes with SwapUp instead of donating to charities?

That's entirely up to you!

Here at SwapUp, we are passionate about making secondhand mainstream, so it breaks our hearts to learn that 85% of donated clothes are not sold — and they end up in landfills instead.

SwapUp was founded to help re-circulate those clothes. We want to make the process of buying and selling secondhand as convenient as buying new, because:

a) you earth-loving thrifters deserve it

b) we can re-home more clothes than before!

What can I do with my SwapUp Account?

• Order a SwapUp Kit (you need to create an account to purchase one)

• Monitor the status of your SwapUp Kit

• Track and use your earnings to shop, donate or cash out

• Track your own order purchases

• Update your details including bank account information

• Change your contact and communication preferences

Is my SwapUp Kit shipment insured?

Yes! Up to $100 insurance in the form of store credit is included with every SwapUp Kit sent to our facility

Changes to Policy

SwapUp has the exclusive rights to adjust pricing and consignment rate. In the case of consignment rate changes, consignors will be notified via email.

SwapUp will not be liable for any damages or loss of your items, regardless who caused the loss or damage. Unless otherwise specified, you guarantee authenticity of consigned goods and indemnifies SwapUp of any damages, fees, and costs that may occur, including return of buyer’s purchase price, as a result thereof. Additionally, you warrant legal ownership of all items free of any liens and encumbrances.