Top 5 Second Hand Stores in Australia

Second hand clothing stores offer an affordable way to shop for new outfits without breaking the bank. They also provide a great opportunity to try on items that might otherwise be too expensive to purchase.


Vinnies Retro, Hobart

If you’re looking for second hand clothing in Hobart, then check out
Vinnies Retro — one of Vinnies' many stores that have been operating since 1968. It’s located in the CBD and is open Monday through Friday from 9am until 6pm.


Salvation Army Tempe, Sydney

The Salvation Army is one of the largest thrift stores in Australia. It’s also one of the oldest, having opened its doors in 1882. The Tempe location is a megastore where you can find everything here from furniture to books to toys.

Better Together, Adelaide

If you’re looking for second hand clothing in Adelaide, then you should visit Better Together. It's a relatively new store with chic decor so it's fun to browse around!

SWOP Clothing Exchange, Sydney

If you're into funky slash h streetwear second hand clothing, stop by SWOP Clothing Exchange. It’s located in the inner west area of Sydney with two stores, one in Newtown and another in Alexandria.

SwapUp, Australia

And of course we have to mention ourselves! SwapUp has been helping Australians clean out their wardrobes and upgrade their styles with high quality second hand clothes. We offer a wide range of women and kids second hand fashion, ranging from clothing, bags, and shoes.

Refresh your wardrobe, sustainably.

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