Thrift store online tips: Our favourite Australian sustainable stylists to follow on Instagram

Some days, you just need a little inspiration to throw together a good thrifted outfit. Luckily, we don't have to start from scratch when it comes to being stylish!

Here's a list of seven Australian sustainable stylists slash fashion ninjas to follow for daily outfit and thrift shopping inspirations:


1. Hannah @nevereverpayretail

Peppermint Magazine dubbed her "the closest thing Australia’s got to a professional op shopper".

As you can probably tell from her handle, Hannah is obsessed with thrifting. She posts guides around sustainable fashion and thrifting in Australia — she even writes and facilitates workshops on cool topics like turning a men's shirt into a dress!

Did we also mention she's a serial outfit repeater? We're obsessed with those white boots that seem to go with ANYTHING and everything she wears. Jealous!


2. Leeyong @stylewilderness

Leeyong is the official Vogue Japan overseas blogger and sustainable style guru. We love everything about her fun and quirky feed, but to us, Leeyong's superpower is mix-and-matching ethnic prints from op shops into amazing outfits. She takes thrifting and re-using up a notch with her craft, like turning this amazing sampler of various Hmong batik, applique and embroidery she found in an op shop into a proper skirt, matched with lovely earrings which are made in Laos from recycled aluminium for her brand, Wilderness Bazaar!


3. Kati @loopistyle

Kati is a Brisbane-based circular fashion advocate and blogger who spreads awareness about the second hand world, it’s benefits to people, our pockets and the environment through her posts. We love the way she creates bright and bold outfits from various op shop finds — Kati also regularly "shops" her own wardrobe to create new looks without buying more! 


4. Keely @k__eelz

Keely is a digital creator who loves a good 'fit. Her style is ahead of the curve. Keely doesn't wait until something becomes trendy — she simply wears whatever she wants, even to one of the many regular hospital visits she has due to her chronic illness. We love her brave style and super honest posts, which are great reminders that we're all real humans beyond the 'grams.


5. Eve @evesthriftstyles

Eve is a Sydney mum who loves to go thrift shopping for herself and family. We love her honest stories and efforts to help slow down fast fashion and choose a better and more sustainable and ethical way to produce fashion, even if it's not always perfect. In her words: "Sure, just by choosing to buy second hand clothing will not change the world on its own... but perhaps collectively, one person at a time, we could, maybe together if we did small things imperfectly - we may just achieve bigger, better results more radically! 🙌 " We couldn't agree more!


6. Maggie @yemagz

Any list of inspiring thrifters would not be complete without Maggie. Maggie is a writer & producer at @refinery29au and a vocal slow fashion advocate. Naturally, she is also one stylish human!

Check out this lovely outfit she put together just to go grocery shopping! Gosh!


7. Nina @eco.styles

Nina is an eco stylist who's been shopping secondhand pretty much her whole life with about 99% of her large wardrobe is secondhand. She frequently posts about the impact of fast fashion and climate change, particularly on people in developing countries. Nina also loves to share her fun thrifted outfits, like this entirely secondhand-sourced monochrome restyled ensembles with an Audrey Hepburn-60s inspired 'je ne sais quoi' vibe!


8. Jess @recycled_remix

Jess is a stylish and absolutely hilarious thrifter based in Melbourne. She finds good quality, stylish, fun and always on-trend pieces from op shops and second hand stores across Melbourne. Some top tips from Jess:

  • Try changing tops’ necklines by wearing things back to front to get a new look (please note it doesn’t work on actual t-shirts.... in her words, “because that shiz is obvious when worn backwards”)
  • Combine trench coat with jeans, roll neck, statement bag and beanie to feel classier than Julia Roberts on Rodeo Drive
  • Ask yourselves “Would *insert your alter ego name* wear this?” to get that extra courage to dress fun!


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