A Guide to The Top Bars to Visit in Marrickville, Australia

Marrickville is widely known as one of Sydney's top spots for breweries, rivaled only by Brookvale in the northern beaches area. However, when you consider the concentration of distilleries, pubs, and local bars within just a small area of industrial space, Marrickville stands out as unparalleled. In fact, it's considered one of the premier destinations nationwide for enjoying a drink. Here are our top picks for places to indulge in a beverage in this vibrant suburb.

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The Best Bars in Marrickville

Nestled in Sydney's inner west, Marrickville is renowned for its eclectic mix of cultures, vibrant street art, and thriving food and drink scene. Among its many attractions are its diverse selection of bars, offering everything from craft beers to artisan cocktails. Whether you're a local resident looking for a new watering hole or a visitor eager to experience Marrickville's nightlife, here's a curated list of the top bars you won't want to miss:

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  1. Gasoline Pony

    A beloved neighborhood haunt, Gasoline Pony is a cozy bar and live music venue that offers a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse drinks menu. Whether you're in the mood for a refreshing beer, a glass of wine, or a creative cocktail, you'll find something to satisfy your cravings here. In addition to its impressive beverage selection, Gasoline Pony hosts regular live music gigs, showcasing local talent across a variety of genres.
  2. Lazybones Lounge

    For a night of entertainment and indulgence, look no further than Lazybones Lounge. This quirky bar and live music venue offers a unique combination of delicious food, inventive cocktails, and eclectic performances. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty meal, a refreshing drink, or some live music, Lazybones Lounge has you covered. With its retro decor, friendly staff, and lively atmosphere, it's the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a night out in Marrickville.
  3. Titus Jones

    Tucked away in a converted warehouse space, Titus Jones is a hidden gem known for its innovative cocktails and industrial-chic ambiance. With its exposed brick walls, dim lighting, and vintage furnishings, this bar exudes a cozy yet stylish vibe. The cocktail menu features creative concoctions made with premium spirits, house-made syrups, and fresh ingredients, ensuring a unique drinking experience with every sip.
  4. The Great Club

    An iconic local club transformed into a vibrant live music venue, offering a menu of pub-style dishes and a range of drinks. Enjoy live performances by contemporary artists, as well as comedy and trivia nights, in the expansive and diverse bandroom.
  5. Miss Wolf

    Explore the charming small bars in the inner west! Indulge in the finest margaritas, engage in lively conversations around the bar, and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, where even furry friends are embraced. Don't miss the exhilarating drag queen shows held every Friday and Saturday, promising endless entertainment and joyous moments for all.
  6. The Marrickville Hotel

    This establishment proudly labels itself as a "small-bar pub," striking the perfect balance between spaciousness for seating and intimacy for an authentic bar experience. Here, you'll find a welcoming and convivial atmosphere complemented by excellent service and a genuine commitment to delivering top-notch drinks. Additionally, the venue boasts a fantastic courtyard, adding to its charm and appeal.
  7. Where's Nick Wine Bar

    The compact yet delightful menu offered a culinary experience beyond compare. Every dish was a culinary delight, showcasing the expertise of the kitchen staff. The bar and wait staff exuded warmth and friendliness, providing attentive service and sharing their extensive knowledge of the offerings. The wine selection was both diverse and delectable, with a surprisingly extensive list to choose from. The staff's recommendations were spot-on, allowing us to sample some truly remarkable wines.

From trendy breweries to intimate speakeasies, Marrickville offers a diverse array of bars to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you're craving a craft beer, a classic cocktail, or some live music, you're sure to find your new favorite drinking spot in this vibrant inner-west suburb of Sydney. So grab your friends, raise a glass, and toast to the thriving bar scene of Marrickville!

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