Fun treasures from thrift, consignment, and second hand stores

Sure, browsing the whole wide web for the best second-hand clothes Australia has to offer is an exciting challenge, to say the least. However, sometimes, it’s solely about fashion. Despite the array of Thrift store gems you can shop online from the comfort of your own home, there are some weird and wonderful secondhand finds that promise to put a smile - or the most puzzled expression- on your face.

While many fashion-savvy gals are up and ready to buy second-hand clothes online in Australia, others wish to fill in any gaps in their home decor without breaking the bank with some utterly unique and downright weird second-hand store finds.

Below is a list of the most unexpected and interesting items consignment store connoisseurs manage to get their hands on this year.


Weird and wonderful secondhand finds that just needs to be shared


Second hand home decorations

Second hand finds


Otherworldly-beautiful hues and interesting patterns; this giant cutlery set is certainly one of the wonderful finds from secondhand stores we’d love to add to our collection. Like Suzanne, the proud owner of this art piece explains she was on a mission to “turn it into something that would fit into our eclectic and colorful home” - and she did an amazing job.  


Weird second hand wall sculpture art

Weird secondhand finds


Second-hand stores are known for their exceptionally weird collection of home decor, and this sculpture wall art is a prime example. Tracie, the new owner, explains that she spots it while browsing an antique secondhand store in Asheville NC. Others were quick to chip in with their ideas of what this consignment store find represents. So far, we don’t have a definitely answer - but we can only hope.


Unusual secondhand painting

Secondhand painting


This might not be one of the most weird secondhand finds, but it’s definitely impressive. Some might argue that a copy of Henry Fuseli’s “The Nightmare” might be a bit overwhelming if hung on a living room wall but to each their own! 


99-year-old secondhand quilt

Secondhand quilt unique gift


Quitted clothing is what most Australian online second-hand clothing shoppers look for to tap into the latest fashion trends of 2022. However, Mindy proudly shared her own special piece for the whole secondhand world to admire. This is a beautiful 99-year-old quilt - so impressive.


Antique secondhand couch


Loyal Bridgerton watchers are probably quivering with delight right now! This antique couch was found in a thrift store in New Port Richey Fl for under $300. Just look at the color!


Secondhand grape lamps

Secondhand home decor


When it comes to weird second-hand store finds, not many things can rival lucite grapes. Julie, the new owner of this intricate lamp spotted it in a yard sale!


Lucky find with old secondhand token games

Secondhand token games


Fist of the North Star fans, rejoice! An avid second-hand shop-goer came across this Japanese Pachislo machine, that still had the tokens in it for only $35.


Secondhand stuffed animal


Once in a while, from the secondhand stores comes a giant, yet super friendly, stuffed animal to shake things up and adhere to your front porch decor. Even better if it looks like it came straight out of Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery.


Secondhand Halloween decoration

Strange alien doll


He might very well be @lilmayo’s long-lost brother chilling at an antique mall in Highland Indiana. As Tracy explained, she doesn't really know if it's an alien prop or just someone’s exhausted spouse waiting for the significant other who's busy op shopping. Either way he is definitely one of the most weird second-hand store finds.


Don’t fret, you might be able to find similar gems in some of the best thrift, consignments, and second hand stores Australia has to offer us. In the meantime, if you want to stick to your comfort zone and browse our online thrift shop for second-hand clothes that are a bit more subtle and way less statement-making than the aforementioned weird second-hand finds, head over to



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