SwapUp Community: Meet Gillian aka AUSSIE MUM STYLE 👋🏻

If you've stalked us on Instagram, you've probably seen this savvy mum on our feed! Gillian, an expert reel queen and thrifter, is always on the lookout for for affordable, modern and trend-forward clothing. She's sure to always add hers personal touch by showing her followers how she likes to style the items she finds.

She joined us for a quick Q&A and shared some of her top tips on her style & second-hand shopping: 

How do you describe your style? 

Being a mum means little time to get to the shops which makes online shopping is my best option. My goal is to be across the current trends, sieve through what’s online, discover the best deals, and report my findings back to my followers.   

My style is also eclectic which allows flair and individuality. Recycled clothing supports me with a range of quality, enduring styles and fashion in achieving flair and individuality and still keeping to my budget. 

What's your favourite item that you've purchased on SwapUp and why?   

That’s a tough question as I have too many favourites!

French Connection is a brand that I’ve admired since a young girl, yet I have never had the funds to buy their clothing new. I’m regularly hopping onto the Swapup webpage and using the handy filters to show New/Near New French Connection items.

I’ve since found two gorgeous button up French Connection oversized T-shirts, one black and one navy, which are trending right now when worn over a cute tank and high waisted shorts! Two quality staple items added to my wardrobe at a fraction of the price! I love how there are hundreds of luxury products on the Swapup online store like this, waiting for someone to rediscover them!  

Why do you shop second hand clothes?

Thrifting offers great value whilst doing a huge favour to our environment. The environmental factors are the biggest motivator for me! Extending the life cycle of second-hand clothing is an incredible way to avoid waste pollution, and by buying fewer new clothing items, the average output of manufacturers is less.

As a Mum of two youngsters, I see it as my duty to model the three Rs- reuse, recycle and reduce. My kids also see the big smile on my face when I find something rare or vintage of significant value, that I may never have the opportunity to buy again. This is a bonus motivator to buying second-hand!   

Check out Gillian's page @aussie_mum_style & don't forget to use her code:

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