School Visit Program: Sustainable clothing & how to reduce fashion waste

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Team Junico Kids visits Victoria Avenue Public School to introduce the concept of preloved fashion as a way to reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion. Leading up to the day, the liaising VAPS teacher said that her “students have been excitedly bringing in T-shirts wondering what we will be making with them”.

Junico Kids is proud to be a local Australian e-commerce player looking to not only promote the reuse of children's clothing, but also educate families with young children on practical, concrete actions we can take to care for the environment.

Students at Sydney public school attend workshop on sustainable clothing


Concord West—15 December 2020—last week marked the launch of the Junico Kids school visit program intended for students aged 5-15 years, coinciding with the inaugural school visit at Victoria Avenue Public School (VAPS) in Concord West. Through the school visit program, Junico Kids hopes to instil the importance of reduce & reuse to school students from a young age.

VAPS has been holding the annual Festival of Innovative Ideas (Fii) since 2017, providing an opportunity for students to both showcase their own innovations as well as be inspired by experts in a range of fields who ‘bring creative ideas to life every day”. The concept aligns with the VAPS values of “Innovate, Inclusive and Inspiring” to which sustainable fashion fits well within.

Fii at VAPS 2020 on Twitter kick-off

Since its inception and webstore soft-opening earlier this quarter, Junico Kids have confirmed parents' appetite to be increasingly conscious of what we can do collectively to prevent baby and kids clothing from reaching the landfill earlier than necessary. Given how well-aligned the values of VAPS and Junico Kids, Ms. Baumgart, a Stage 2 Teacher at VAPS, extended an invitation to Junico Kids to be one of the expert presenters in Fii 2020. Junico Kids jumped on the opportunity to accelerate the design of our School Visit program. Miss Baumgart said that it “links to your (Junico Kids) mission… the kids are so lucky for this opportunity”.

The interactive session was attended by 60 Stage 2 students from mainstream and inclusive classes, where the children made a bag from an old / unused t-shirt. The virtual arrangement of Fii this year due to COVID-19 did not seem to take away the curiosity and enthusiasm of VAPS students during the session via Zoom. “I was blown away by how receptive and engaged the Cockatoos, Owls and Sharks were. I thought I’d come in to share a few ideas with our friends at VAPS and it turned out that I came away feeling inspired and energised. It was a very rewarding experience for me and I hope that the company will send me to many more school visits“ said Adi, a representative from Junico Kids.

If you are interested in doing something similar at your school, please contact us on the email or telephone number below.

About Junico Kids

Junico Kids is a preloved/secondhand baby & kids clothing store. Each purchase comes with a Did-Juni-Know™ card that contains educational material to introduce families to the 'reuse' movement.

To learn more about how to dress your beloved young ones fashionably and sustainably, visit our journal / blog entries here.

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