How To Store Clothing Long Term In Self Storage

No matter the cause, we assume you are here because it is time to store your clothes for a long period. You may believe it is easy to just put everything in a container and store it in the attic. And it could be that easy. 

All you need to do is be aware of a few common mistakes and use a few helpful tricks to keep your clothes in the best condition possible. If you prioritize your clothing over the mice living in your attic (which is understandable), continue reading to discover the best methods for preserving your garments for the long term.

How to Store Clothes Long Term

Storing clothes long-term can be a tricky task. Clothes can easily become damaged if not stored properly, and it can be difficult to keep them looking their best. However, with the right storage techniques, you can keep your clothes looking great for years to come. Here are some tips for storing clothes long-term:

  1. Clean and Dry Clothes Before Storing

    Before putting away your clothes, make sure to wash and iron them. If you don't, any stains or dirt will become harder to remove over time. Additionally, dirty clothes can attract pests that can cause further damage. Be sure to follow the washing instructions for each item and take any items that need to be dry cleaned to the cleaners before storing.

    iron the clothes
    Make sure to rinse the clothes thoroughly before drying and storing them to make sure all bleach, detergents, and other chemicals are removed. This will not only keep your clothes safe while in storage, but they will also be clean and ready to wear when you need them.
  1. Use the Right Containers

    When storing clothes long-term, it is important to use the right containers. Plastic bins or boxes are ideal for storing clothes, as they are airtight and will keep out moisture and dust. Make sure to label each container with the contents and the date it was stored.

    choose the right container
  1. Use Cedar Blocks or Lavender Sachets

    To keep clothes smelling fresh, add a few cedar blocks or lavender sachets to the storage containers. Using cedar wood is the ideal way to protect clothes when storing them in a storage unit. These natural scents will help keep clothes smelling fresh and prevent musty odors from forming. Cedar balls are a great choice as they last a long time and have a pleasant scent. Furthermore, they are a much better option than chemical treatments, which can cause staining and release toxic substances over time.
  1. Selecting the most suitable storage area

    The location of where you keep your clothes is more significant than the way you organize them. Even if your garments are spotless, if you store them in a damp basement, they could easily become musty.
    When selecting a location to keep garments for a long time, look for an area that is moisture-free, dim, and has a low temperature. Additionally, it is essential to have good ventilation and no direct exposure to the sun.

    Keep these tips in mind when looking for a storage unit.
    • Store Clothes in a Dark Place: To prevent fading, store clothes in a dark place. Sunlight can cause colors to fade, so make sure to store clothes in a closet or other dark area. Avoid exposure to light. Look for a place that does not have any ultraviolet rays and keep the garment boxes elevated. If the storage area has light coming in, use containers that are not see-through instead of clear ones.
    • It is not recommended to use airtight containers for clothing storage as textiles need circulating air to remain in good condition for a longer period of time. Therefore, the air quality in the storage area should be taken into consideration as any odors or dampness can be absorbed by the clothing. However, airtight containers may be suitable for clothing that will only be stored for a short period.
    • Avoid Storing Clothes in Garages or Attics. Garages and attics can be damp and humid, which can cause mold and mildew to form on clothes. Avoid storing clothes in these areas if possible.These areas tend to experience temperature changes throughout the year, and too much heat can cause damage to fabric fibers.

Storing clothes long-term can be a tricky task, but with the right storage techniques, you can keep your clothes looking great for years to come. Make sure to choose the right storage space, clean and dry clothes before storing, use the right containers, add cedar blocks or lavender sachets, store clothes in a dark place, and avoid storing clothes in garages or attics. With these tips, you can keep your clothes looking their best for years to come.

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