A Guide to Op Shops Near Melbourne Suburbs

Melbourne is renowned for its vibrant culture, diverse communities, and thriving arts scene. One aspect of Melbourne's charm lies in its array of op shops, offering a treasure trove of vintage finds, pre-loved clothing, and unique items waiting to be discovered. 

op shops near Melbourne

In this guide, we'll explore some of the best locations to explore op shops near Melbourne suburbs, each offering its own distinct character and hidden gems.

Op Shops Near Brunswick:
Brunswick’s bustling Sydney Road offers a taste of the world with its multicultural eats, live music venues, and quirky shops. Here are some fantastic op shops worth discovering:

  1. Mutual Muse
    Mutual Muse offers a refreshing approach to fashion, with clothes meticulously organised by size, including a wide range of plus-size options. Unlike many shops that solely focus on Gen Z trends, Mutual Muse curates mostly local Australian brands (think Obus and Gorman) with a keen eye for fabric and materials, prioritising casual looks and quality.
  2. Savers
    Savers, part of a global thrift retailer founded 70 years ago in the United States, prides itself on its huge range of used clothing, accessories, and household goods. Get ready to spend hours trawling through the racks. Note: even though it accepts donations on behalf of its partners, Savers is a for-profit retailer that has seen massive success in Australia.
  3. GoodbyesGoodbyes is a vibrant boutique that specialises in consignment apparel, footwear, and accessories. Boasting an eclectic selection of designer recycled clothing, shoes, and accessories, the minimalist store is carefully curated by a knowledgeable (and oh so fashionable) team. The store's well-organised layout ensures a seamless shopping experience. With a constant influx of new consignments and restocked racks, Goodbyes is always bustling with activity.

Op Shops Near Fitzroy:

Fitzroy, famed for its alternative and bohemian culture, is home to numerous curious bars, independent retailers, secondhand stores, cool street art and small galleries. While you’re there, don’t forget to stop by:

  1. Lost and Found Market
    An expansive warehouse market full of vintage apparel, antique furniture, housewares, bric-a-brac & art. Prices can be a bit steep, but its wonderful curation makes up for it!
  2. SWOP
    Those in the know would notice that this minimalist little shop used to be U-turn, who has now closed its shops outside of Sydney. As usual, SWOP offers immaculately presented preloved fashion from cult designer brands like Prada, Jacquemus and Ganni.
  3. Vintage Garage
    Calling all vintage vultures! This Melbourne institution offers a wild mix of classic vintage, edgy streetwear, and festival gear alongside furniture, homewares, and even vintage petrol bowsers. Get lost in a sensory overload of bygone eras and unearth a unique piece for your wardrobe or home
  4. Hunter Gatherer
    A beloved charity shop, stocking a variety of vintage and secondhand treasures. The racks are tight with polka-dot skirts, funky blazers and retro ties, but you’ll find most of the hunting has been done for you by the Brotherhood of St Laurence volunteers.

Op Shops Near South Yarra:

South Yarra is where you need to shop if you’re looking for curated luxury and designer consignment stores. Here are some excellent op shops to explore:

  1. Secondo Boutique
    This consignment boutique on Toorak Road offers an endless preloved selection from top international and local designers. Think Isabel Marant and Zimmermann. Customers can expect excellent quality garments at reasonable prices, making it a go-to destination for fashion-forward finds. The store is also a proud supporter of Prahran Mission and Siwali Community School for disadvantaged children in Indonesia.
  2. Stop Staring Boutique
    Another consignment store for high-end preloved designer items (which is what Toorak Road’s known of), Stop Staring Boutique offers a plethora of amazing pieces in excellent condition. With some items even appearing brand new, this boutique stands out for its impeccable selection of high-quality merchandise. They only sell authentic brand labels, so sellers need to submit authenticity cards or invoices. Otherwise, it will complete an online authentication with an independent authentication specialist
  3. Mio Tesoro Boutique
    Okay you know at this point that South Yarra is all about luxury fashion. Mio Tesoro Boutique is undoubtedly Melbourne's premier designer consignment destination, offering a top-notch experience for both buyers and sellers of designer goods. Owner Elaine brings a wealth of experience from her years in the luxury industry, ensuring customers receive expert guidance on products and authenticity. 

Op Shops Near Mornington:

Mornington is a charming seaside town. Known for its wineries, beaches, and hot springs, it's a popular getaway for relaxation and delicious food, as well as upscale consignment shops and antique stores. Check out:

  1. Salvos Stores
    Salvos Stores Mornington is one of the biggest in Melbourne. It’s bright and refreshing and is a treasure trove of pre-loved treasures, offering a delightful range of homewares, toys, and clothing (note: tiktokers have reported this one to have a lot of shoes!)
  2. Thrift
    Thrift is a sumptuous op shop inside a warehouse that supports Fusion’s work with youth, families and homelessness on the Peninsula. Although it only opened in 2023, it already has a bit of a following with prices starting from $5.

Op Shops Near South Melbourne:

South Melbourne, known for its bustling markets and artistic flair, offers a diverse range of shopping experiences. Here are some fantastic op shops worth exploring:

    1. Sacred Heart Mission Op Shop
      Housed in a former Lamborghini showroom, this op shop exudes luxury while raising funds for charity. Secondhand shoppers particularly love the store’s designer range and books!
    2. South Melbourne Community Chest Op Shop
      This one is a hidden gem, offering a pleasant shopping environment with its well-organised layout, lovely staff and fair pricing. 

Op Shops Near North Melbourne:

Whether searching for vintage fashion, vinyl records, or retro home decor, North Melbourne has something for everyone. Our top picks:

  1. Martin Fella
    A compact boutique offering a curated selection of upscale second-hand fashion, specialising in handpicked handbags (by Fella himself) from the likes of LV, Celine, YSL, Prada and Fendi. Don't forget to explore its collection of one-of-a-kind home furnishings – think modernist lamps, kitschy crockery, and mid-century tables and chairs. With its small yet stylish layout, Fella exudes sophistication and charm.
  2. Brotherhood of St. Laurence
    Located up in Monee Ponds, this huge sprawling warehouse carries so much stuff that you are guaranteed to find something. The store is well priced with most clothes given fixed prices so you don’t have to check every garment. Bonus for mums: the kids section is very well stocked too!
  3. Inro
    Okay, this one is technically not an op shop. InRo offers a personalised shopping experience akin to having your own personal stylist / thrifter every month. First, you share your fit and style with a stylist. Then InRo will send you a “rotation” that you can rent for a month and keep what you love. Note that this location is by appointment only.


Whether you're a vintage enthusiast, eco-conscious shopper, or simply seeking unique finds, Melbourne's suburbs offer a wealth of op shops to explore. From Brunswick to South Melbourne and everywhere in between, each suburb boasts its own collection of hidden treasures and eclectic finds, waiting to be discovered by intrepid explorers and savvy shoppers alike. So grab your tote bag, put on your walking shoes, and embark on an op shopping adventure through Melbourne's vibrant suburbs. Who knows what treasures you'll uncover along the way!

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