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SwapUp Kit

SwapUp Kit

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Earn 15% to 60% of the final selling price of each eligible item when your item sells. You can use your earnings to cash out or shop online.

Right now we're accepting:

🍁 Autumn and winter pieces

👜 Leather handbags

🟤 Casual styles (formal and businesswear are less popular right now)

Once you order a SwapUp Kit, we will send you a digital prepaid shipping label. You can attach it to any packaging (we recommend reusing existing boxes / satchels you have at home) and drop it off at Australia Post. You can leave the rest to us: we'll sort, list, photograph, promote, and pick and pack items that you send in.

We have a strict no fast fashion, no damage, no stain, no odour, no fur policy. So make sure to wash your items before sending them off ✨

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a SwapUp Kit?

• Prepaid shipping with Australia Post for up to 20 items from anywhere in Australia. Please note that this will be sent via email only.

• $100 insurance in the form of store credit in the case of lost packages (both Regular and Premium)

How much does it cost?

$49.90 flat rate Australia-wide. This includes a prepaid shipping label to send your items to us from anywhere in Australia, even rural locations!

How much can I earn?

Payout varies depending on the item selling price (after GST):

💰 up to $29.99 -> 15%

💰 $30.00 - $49.99 -> 25%

💰 $50.00 - $99.99 -> 35%

💰 $100.00 - $199.99 -> 50%

💰 above $200.00 -> 60%

Unfortunately, a $10 item requires the same level of efforts as a $50 item for us. That's why you'll earn less on lower value items, but much more on higher value ones.

The amount that SwapUp keeps helps us pay our staff (unlike op shops, we're not run by volunteers!) and covers the costs of sorting, listing, photographing, storage, marketing and shipping of all items.

On average, sellers who send in good quality items from the popular brands that we mentioned above earn $125 from their wardrobe.

Our highest-earning seller to date is Bee, who has made over $8,000 with SwapUp! Her secret? Sending in leather handbags that each gave her over $100 in payout 👀

What do you accept?

We accept women's clothes and handbags from prominent brands. We also only accept certain sizes from time to time, please check the product description above to find out.

Please note we have a very strict no damage, no stain, no odour, no fur policy. So make sure to wash your items before sending them off ✨

Click here to use our brand checker

What brands are popular?

For clothing, we love Australian brands like GormanReview and Commonry. Plus size items are incredibly popular with our community.

For handbags, leather ones from known brands like Coach, Kate Spade and Oroton tend to do quite well!

We do not accept fast fashion brands like H&M and Shein (see non-accepted list here).

Do you accept all brands?

We do not accept brands from fast fashion and value chain stores including, but not limited to:

A - Abi and Joseph, Aldi (Crane, Dymples, etc.), Ally, Angel Biba, ASOS, Autograph, Avella, Avocado

B - Bardot, Best & Less (Edited, Favourites, etc.), Big W (&me, Brilliant Basics, Emerson, The 1964 Denim Company, etc.), Biz Collection, Boohoo, Bonds, Bluejuice

C - Capture, Caroline Morgan, Chicabooti, Colette by Colette Hayman, Cotton On, City Chic, Crossroads

D - Diana Ferrar, Doll Deluxe, Dorothy Perkins, Dotti, Ebby & I, Edited, Elm, Everlast

F - Factorie, Fashion Nova, Forcast, Forever 21, F&F

G - Gap, Glassons, Grace & Co

H - Harris Scarfe, Here Comes the Sun, H&M

I - Ice Fashion, Ishka, Into Fashion

J - Jay Jays, Jump, Just Jeans

K - Katies, Kmart (Anko, Clothing&Co, Active&Co, Now, etc.), Knight Angel

L - Ladakh, Lioness, Lonsdale, Love Bonito, LTS

M - Mango (MNG), Millers, Minkpink, Miss Shop, Misunderstood, Mooloola, MOTF, M&Co

N - Next, Noni B

O - Ojay, Only

P - Paper Scissors, Peppermayo, Pink Diamond, Pretty Little Thing, PQ Collection, Primark, Princess Polly

R - Regatta, Rockmans, Rivers

S - Seduce, SES, Sass, Shareen, Shein, Silver Wishes, Sportsgirl, Stradivarius, Sunnygirl, Supre, Sussan, Suzanne Grae

T - Target (Hot Options, Target Essentials, Preview, Danii Minogue, etc.), Teaberry, TEMT, Tirelli, Topshop

U - Uniqlo

V - Valleygirl and Miss Valley

W - Wavezone, Wish

Z - Zeitgeist

... and other unknown brands from both Australia and abroad.

Unaccepted items will not be sold in our online store and therefore are not eligible for payouts. We may choose to donate, recycle, or bulk sale at our discretion.

Please note that this list may be expanded at any time without notice.

How many items can I send?

Up to 20 items per SwapUp Kit 💜

You can use any packaging (even better, reuse existing ones) if the sum of its length, width and height is less than 120 cm.

When will my items be uploaded to the site?

We aim to process SwapUp Kits within 28 days of arrival at our facility, but we're seeing more demand than usual so the wait time may be longer. Thank you for your patience :)

What can I do with my earnings?

You can use your earnings to cash out or get shopping credit from your dashboard!

Enjoy 20% bonus credit if you use your earnings to shop secondhand from us. Circular fashion, baby 😉

How do I monitor everything?

Once you create an account using the same email address that you used to order your SwapUp Kit, you can:

• Track your sales

• Use your earnings to shop or cash out

• Update your details including bank account information

• Change your contact and communication preferences

What happens to the unsold items?

After the consignment period lapsed, you will have an additional 14 days to reclaim your item. We charge a small handling fee of $5 per retrieved item plus variable shipping cost (including 1% cover value).

After the additional 14 days lapsed, any uncollected pieces become SwapUp’ property and may be included in charity contributions, community engagement programs, bulk resale or new location launches. We have introduced this due to the large volume of pieces that can be left behind, as well as our limited warehouse capacity.

Until the cost of retrievals are paid and received, items may continue to be sold on the website, however, sellers will not be eligible for payout. Generally, we clean out items that have not been sold bimonthly, ahead of collection by our charity partners.