SwapUp Community: Meet Tania aka @StylingTan 👋🏻

For this month's SwapUp Community feature, we'd love to introduce all of you to Tania, a jill of all trades - she's full-time mum, stylist and illustrator from Canberra whose authentic fashion formula involves mixing luxe items with a touch of boho flair. Tania's style is always on-point as she manages to effortlessly blend chic and casual elements. Stay tuned to discover her fashion secrets and get inspired by her fashion-forward looks.

Check out our full interview here as she shares some of her top tips on her style & second-hand shopping: 

1. How do you describe your style?
I guess my style is just ‘me’. It reflects who I am and is ever-changing, just as our lives ever-change as we move through the years. So, it’s hard for me to label that style, but if I had to, it would be cool-casual-chic (currently with a sprinkling of bohemian elements). I don’t like to follow trends, I love to layer and make my looks unique—classic with quirky twists and a little sparkle.
2. What's your favorite item that you've purchased on SwapUp and why? 
How can I stop at one? Probably my two fave items are a Kate Spade bag with wicker detailing and a Bohemian Traders velour jacket with the most amazing embroidery. I’m bananas over them.
3. Why do you shop second-hand? 
I love it because, of course, recycling fashion is so important for our planet. I would say that 35 – 40% of my wardrobe is thrifted, including shoes and accessories. And another blissful reason is quite simply the beauty and variety to be found second-hand. Skipping mainstream stores guarantees unique pieces from less-accessible labels, that stand out from the vanilla world we often shop in. My heart literally races when I scour SwapUp. There be treasure there!

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