Sustainable shopping: Our eco-friendly packaging options

SwapUp is committed to #makingsecondhandmainstream because:

a) we want to reduce waste
b) we want you all to look beautiful and stylish without breaking your bank.

We aim to do this while minimising our environmental impact and that’s why we’re very selective with our packaging. 

We use paper mailer, secondhand cardboard boxes and compostable mailers (from HeapsGood Packaging) to ship your items to you. All our packaging are either recyclable or compostable.

When composted, these mailers break down in 3-6 months rather than 300 years with plastic! The good news is that even in landfill, these compostable mailers are still a better solution than conventional plastic mailers, in that they will take 2-3 years to break down without any toxic residues or microplastics (as they contain 0% plastic). But, similar to food scraps or any other organic waste, compostable mailers will generate methane in landfills. It is best to compost them where possible.

This assortment of packaging allows us to deliver our goodies to you and support fellow Aussie businesses at the same time 🌱