Meet Fran aka @dreams.of.colour

We're so excited to welcome Fran, the colourful digital content creator who loves to play with prints, into the SwapUp Sisterhood!
If you've been looking to try something bright and fun this summer, read her tips below to make sure you nail your outfit every time ✨


How would you describe your style?

I often describe my style as ‘classic with a twist’! I have a natural affinity for classic and timeless styles and silhouettes but love adding a twist via bright colour, bold prints and / or sparkle!   


Why do you shop second-hand?

There are many reasons why I shop second hand!  One obvious reason is that it makes sense financially.  I love that you can curate an entire outfit for a fraction of the cost of buying a new outfit.  I especially love that second-hand pieces are often one of a kind, so you end up with a totally unique and individualised outfit!

I’ve found that shopping second-hand is also a great way to score pieces that you may have coveted in the past but regretted not buying at the time.  I love finding the piece of clothing ‘that got away’! 

Finally, shopping second- hand is undoubtedly the way forward for the planet.  It’s the best way to offset the impact of fast fashion and to ensure the longevity and sustainability of clothing so that it doesn’t end up in landfill!


What’s your go-to styling tip / hack everyone should know?

I’m a big fan of mixing and clashing prints but not everyone is confident to do so.  However, I have fool proof way to ensure it works every time!  The trick is to use at least one print from my list of ‘neutral’ prints.  This includes stripes, spots, checks / gingham or leopard.  If you add one of these prints to another print, it works every time in my opinion!  The other trick is to ensure each print has at least one colour in common and bingo! You’ll be a print clashing pro before you know it!!

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