6 Fashion Items That Are Better Purchased Second Hand

When it comes to shopping, there are certain items that are better off bought second hand or used. Not only can it save you money, but it can also be more environmentally sustainable to reuse items that have already been produced. Here are three things you should never buy new:

  1. Clothes for Special Occasions

    prom costume

    Have you ever spent a fortune on a dress or suit that you only wore once to a special occasion? Buying special occasion outfits new can be a huge waste of money, especially when you consider the fact that you may never wear it again. Instead, consider buying gently used clothes from a thrift store or online consignment shop. You can find high-quality designer pieces at a fraction of the cost, and no one will know that it's not brand new.

  2. Leather Bags

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    Leather bags are a timeless accessory that can add sophistication and style to any outfit. However, buying a brand new leather bag can be quite expensive. Instead, opt for a second hand or vintage leather bag. Not only will it cost less, but it will also have a unique character that can only come from years of use. Plus, buying second hand leather bags is more sustainable than buying new since it reduces the demand for new leather production.

  3. Denim

    woman wear denim jacket
    Denim is a staple in most people's wardrobes, but it's also one of the most resource-intensive fabrics to produce. Buying new denim not only puts a strain on the environment but can also put a strain on your wallet. Instead, consider buying gently second hand or vintage denim. You can find high-quality denim that has already been broken in, and it will cost a fraction of the price of buying new. Plus, vintage denim has a unique character and style that you can't find in new denim.

  4. Baby Clothes

    baby clothes

    When you're expecting a baby, it may be tempting to purchase many new and adorable outfits. However, it's important to reconsider splurging on clothing that the baby may never wear. 

    Firstly, friends and family members may gift you with cute baby clothes. Additionally, you can't predict the baby's size at birth, and some babies may not even fit into newborn size clothing. Furthermore, babies grow rapidly, and they may only wear an outfit once before it becomes too small. Additionally, babies are known for being messy, and it can be disappointing to watch them ruin a new outfit, especially when it's not a wise use of your money.

  5. Kids Clothes

    kids wear clothes

    Not only babies, your children tend to outgrow clothes at a fast pace. Moreover, purchasing new clothes for a child who plays hard can be a source of discomfort as the clothes are quickly worn out or become too small.

    It may be difficult to avoid dressing your kids in the latest fashion styles, but you can save a considerable amount of money by outfitting them in clothes that have been passed down from friends, family, or older siblings. Often, people are eager to get rid of their gently used clothing. In addition, websites like SwapUp can provide great deals on second hand clothes for kids. Children grow quickly, making their clothes cannot be used for a long time, leaving you to wonder why you spent so much money purchasing them brand new.

  6. Maternity Clothes

    maternity clothes

    In comparison to regular clothing, maternity clothes have a relatively short lifespan as they are designed to fit only during the few months of pregnancy. This means that they are not worn for an extended period and are often stored away after the pregnancy. Unlike regular clothes that can be worn year-round and for several years, maternity clothes have a limited purpose and tend to serve their purpose for a specific duration of time. Therefore, investing in expensive maternity wear may not be practical for many women, and they may prefer to opt for affordable and comfortable options that can serve their purpose during pregnancy.
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In conclusion, buying second hand or used fashion items can be a great way to save money and reduce your environmental impact. When it comes to event outfits, leather bags, denim, baby, kids, or maternity clothes, these are 6 fashion items that you should consider never buy new. Instead, consider buying second hand or vintage to save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Share your preferred purchases when shopping for second hand fashion by leaving a comment. Which items do you think are the best to buy second hand?

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