SwapUp Guide on How to Read Laundry Symbols on Care Labels

You thought that you’d follow the washing instructions for once, or maybe because it is a new, rather expensive dress you just bought and you decided that you will keep it for as long as possible. Aside from that you are convinced that you’ve only seen those square icons over-and-over again. There seems to be only a handful combinations of those garment laundry symbols anyway. You turned that dress inside out and found the 5 symbols on the label. Yeah, you can manage learning 5 new symbols today, right?

You went on to Google, typed “laundry symbols on clothing” and found this:

Laundry Symbols on Care Labels by SwapUp online consignment | thrift store | op shop

Hang on a minute! Each of those laundry charts show an 8x8 grid, which means that there are actually 60-70 symbols, not to mention that there are some symbols that appear on some charts but not others.

How many symbols can you have just describing how to wash a garment? After all, you have been throwing in all your clothes in the wash at 30 all these times and it turns out okay? You start matching those symbols one by one with a laundry symbols chart and the different settings button or dial on your washing machine.

Eventually, you decide that it is too confusing and resort to the usual way however you wash your clothes normally. Only this time you decide to turn off any temperature setting to cold-wash, because you read somewhere that it saves energy and costs; six minutes less in running time of this batch of wash, and is less likely to ruin the garment (not always the case).

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